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Why is improving healthcare value so challenging?

Stakeholders are missing a toolset to link healthcare data to strategically relevant and actionable analyses. By applying a systematic and supply-chain management perspective, Careignition’s software platform provides the ability to understand, track, and improve healthcare value. 

The Careignition Advantage

Careignition’s platform applies an advanced analytic capability to healthcare data. By deriving relevant information on cost and quality, we develop a strategic understanding of value and a roadmap to higher quality healthcare at sustainable costs. 

Understandable Units

Careignition captures and links decisions made by providers, patients, and payers. We model distinct events, episodes, and clinical pathways by condition, procedure, and treatment. We use the information contained in these constructed events to measure cost, quality, and, quantity.

Creating the Proper Context

Careignition uses a combination of outside benchmarks and evidence-based guidelines to both evaluate quality and understand cost of healthcare services. Through this context, healthcare data can be understood and informed decisions can be made.

Charting the Path Forward

Evaluating healthcare experience in the proper context and with necessary information on value of health services will allow payers, plan-sponsors, consultants, and providers to chart a path to a better healthcare system.

Working with Essential Stakeholders

Employers & Payers

Healthcare spending is out of control, but you can change that. View healthcare like other purchases – in terms of cost, quality, and quantity. Develop a more accurate view of your plan’s performance and the impact of ongoing and potential strategic efforts.

Benefits Consultants

Deliver more value to clients and engage  more deeply with the healthcare system. Expand your offering and target improving healthcare value. Tailor, track, and validate your RFPs, recommendations, initiatives and strategic deployments based on measurable impacts to healthcare value. 


Track and improve referrals, resource utilization, performance, and adherence to evidence-based guidelines. Understand the value you can and do provide.

Careignition Saved a Fortune 500 Company over $2.5M

By utilizing its unique analytics engine, Careignition identified and helped recover over $2.5M in over-payments for a Fortune 500 manufacturer.

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