How We See Healthcare

Our platform creates a view of the Healthcare System – A system of intertwined decisions and factors that all impact cost, quality, utilization, and patient experience. Our platform illuminates and clarifies these decisions and measures their value.

Capturing Human Interactions and Decisions

The Event and Episode

Through claims and other data, Careignition captures and links decisions made by providers, patients and payers. We model distinct events, episodes, and clinical pathways by condition, procedure, and treatment. This system offers unparalleled insights into cost, quality, and value from individual events to hospital systems.

How We Evaluate Events and Episodes

Cost, Price, And Utilization

We use the episodes and events generated from data to compare and examine the cost, price, utilization, and relevant features of the care delivered. This process enables us to better understand healthcare delivery at the event, episode, condition, provider, facility, and system level.

Risk Adjustment

Each patient has a health status and history that can impact the outcomes, utilization, and cost of healthcare services. Careignition captures, measures, and adjusts measurements based on the relevant risk factors of the individual prior to, during, and after the event, enabling accurate comparisons of performance.

How We View Quality


Providers, payers, and patients take healthcare actions that have related downstream events. We identify the outcomes (infections, revision, readmission, etc.) related to these decisions to evaluate the impact on the care delivered to the patient. 

Appropriate Practice

We analyze the sequence events for an episode or treatment and compare them to evidence-based guidelines. This process creates benchmarks for evidence-based practice.

How does Careignition Improve Healthcare Value?

Careignition’s platform applies an advanced analytic capability to healthcare data and utilizes clinical care guidelines. By deriving relevant information on cost and quality, we develop a strategic understanding of value and a roadmap to better healthcare at a more sustainable cost.

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