Understand and Improve the Value of Your Health Benefits

Employers can empower themselves to understand, track, and improve healthcare value by utilizing our unique and cutting-edge healthcare analytics suite. Know the costs and quality of your expenditures in terms you can understand and chart a better future.

A Value Based Perspective

View your benefits data in terms you can make decisions on. See healthcare spend like other purchases – in terms the cost, quality, and quantity. This perspective will provide a more accurate view of your plan’s performance and the impact of strategic efforts.

Targeted Strategic Insights: Know what will work for you and why.  Use Careignition’s platform to understand how programs will work for you in terms of impact on healthcare value.

Strategically Deploy Resources: Utilize the resources at your disposal with an understanding of how it impacts the value of care delivered. Deploy resources like communications tools, clinics, incentive programs, your network, and other vendor solutions in a manner that will maximize the value of care delivered. 

Track and Validate Initiatives: Determine the ROI of your existing and future programs in a scientifically valid manner.

Evaluate Network Performance: Have a robust view on the performance of the nexus of your health plan, the network. Understand its strengths and weakness.

Participate in the Process and Create more Accountability

With your new perspective and improved information, take the necessary steps to help shape and improve the value of the care delivered to your members.

Direct Provider Engagement: Engage with providers on an even playing-field. Have a language that providers can understand, react to, and collaborate with.

Identify Fraud, Waste, and Abuse: Through the context of events, episodes, and their components – plan sponsors can more easily and reliably identify outliers and unlikely events.

Clinic Referral Optimization: Have or are considering an onsite or near-site clinic? Use data to track their value and manage the value of services referred from those facilities.

COE Identification, Implementation, and Identification:  Identify, implement, and understand the impacts of utilizing high-value centers of excellence.

Value-Based Arrangements: Want to pay for value? Want to enter into risk-sharing agreements? Through Careignition’s platform you now have the necessary information to do just that.

Plan Design Optimization: Understand and design your plan’s incentives based on access to high-value services and track the results.

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